Friday, March 12, 2010

My first quilt: Day 1

On Day 1 of my first quilt I began by washing and ironing all of my fabric. As you can see, I went to greens, blues and purples instead of pink, orange and yellow.

Then I had to calculate what size to cut my pieces out, since the Purl Bee's pattern is for a double bed and I am making a king size.  After some help from my wonderful husband, I decided to make the pieces 1.5 times larger than what the Purl Bee says.  So, instead of 3.5"x12.5", I did 5.25"x18.75".  I thought this was easier than having to reconfigure the pattern with 1.5 times the number of pieces.

After that was figured out I began cutting my fabric!

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Betty said...

Good luck with your first project. I quilt some when I have the time. My mother quilted and it is so relaxing and the fabric feels so good in your hand. Have fun.