Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Piecing my Quilt

So I finished cutting out my colored fabric. Before I moved onto my white fabric I measured it and calculated which was the best way to cut it, so that I could get the most amount of pieces from it.  I figured out that if I cut it the long way I would get more pieces, HOWEVER, I also figured out that I don't have enough white.  I was supposed to get 90 pieces from the white, but I only got 61!  I also don't remember the dye lot for the white, so I need to call the quilting store to see if they have a record of it. I really hope they do and that they have fabric from the same dye lot left.

In the meantime, I've been piecing and sewing together the fabric that I do have.  So far I've sewn 4 strips (out of 25) and I pinned together 3 more strips last night that I will sew tonight.  Pictures to come...

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