Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Quilt

As you may remember, about a year ago I started my first quilt.  Well, I have not finished that quilt yet, but I did start and finish my first baby quilt! Both of my sister-in-laws recently had babies and my Mom had the idea to make a baby quilt for one of them.  We went shopping at a quilting store in Annapolis and saw an adorable quilt by Kati Cupcake and decided to buy the pattern. 

I ended up taking over the project, because my Mom is just like me (or maybe it's that I'm just like her) and has a ton of projects.  Below is the completed quilt.

The quality of the picture is not great (I took it with my camera phone), but the main colors are purples with some blue, greens and pinks and there are two ruffles in it.  This quilt was not difficult.  The only part I really had trouble with was the ruffle, but I think my issue there was that I was not using a strong enough thread when pulling the ruffle. 

I'm starting to think - since this is one of very few completed projects - that I should always make things for babies - they are much quicker!

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